Jerry Tindell
Horse & Mule Trainer

Intermediate/Advanced Horsemanship Clinic

NOVEMBER 22nd Ė 24th, 2014

Ramona, CA

Kelly (619) 729-1200

COST: $450 / AUDIT: Free






At each Jerry Tindell Clinic, Jerry will present education, demonstrations and insight into horse training behavior for both the animal and owner/trainer. Youíll learn about the foundation of Jerry Tindelll Horsemanship.

Youíll see Jerry describing and performing the methods and exercises heís honed from years of experience and knowledge. To gain an insight into your horse and mules natural behavior and how to communicate at a level only mastered by a few, join us for a life changing event.





A post from Lynda Sterns 9/27/2014

FYI-Garry McClintock who has been a part of the mountain Empire community for 40 years,has lived in Lake Morena for 12, was in a horrific car wreck yesterday at the East Bound off ramp on Buckman Springs road. He is our local saddle maker and it is his only source of income. He broke 11 ribs, scalpula and bleed into his belly. This Saturday there is a yard sale at the smith's home in Lake Morena they will have a donation jar to help them out. Also Sunday at his saddle shop in Descanso there is the Cowboy Swapmeet his granddaughters will be having a donation bake sale to help them out. So any help that yall can give will be VERY appreciated. Thank you for your support Campo/Lake Morena


October 9, 2014 (Descanso) Ė A ďTrail ChallengesĒ clinic will be held November 29th at Descanso Feed and Hay to benefit Garry and Ann McClintock.  Garry, a famed saddlemaker in Descanso, was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Tindellís Horse & Mule School is organizing the special one-day class, which will help riders learn how to use natural trail challenges to develop more control when trail riding.  Learn how to operate your horse or mule and become aware of their weaknesses and strengths.  The clinic will study skills needed to navigate terrain and deal with bicycles, hikers and other situations one might encounter on a ride.  Riders will practice six steps to support your horse or mule when the animals are nervous or unsure. Emphasis will be on keeping stock safe, calm and confident in all situations.

The clinic will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 29 at Descanso Hay and Feed. Cost is $200 per rider or $30 to audit the course. To register, call Cherie at (619)672-4504 or email

A facebook page has been created so that everybody can keep track of what's going on with Garry McClintock. It's called Garry McClintock Updates.

This is the most recent post:

So as you all know we are having a fundraiser for mom and dad the night after thanksgiving. I am looking for donations for the raffle. Please let me know if you can. You can text me call me or even email me.

My phone to call/text is (619) 885-9576

My email is thank you all for your support to getting the McClintocks and the shop through this hard time.



Friday, November 28th, 2014

To Benefit Master Saddle Maker,
Garry McClintock and Ann McClintock!
In November 2014, there are TWO Fundraising events you should plan to attend and they are both to benefit Master Saddle Maker, Garry McClintock and his lovely wife, Ann.

The first is a dinner which will be held November 28th at the Descanso Town Hall.

The second is the Trails Challenge Clinic (see below) which will be held Saturday, November 28, 2014 at the Descanso Hay & Feed... get your reservations in early!
Who is Garry McClintock?

"I started building saddles in 1973 after attending the "Dewitt and Hendrickson School of Saddlery".

In thirty-three years of making saddles I have designed many different styles of saddles and had a chance to use most of them. I have been a serious student of California history, in particular the California Horseman; the "Vaquero". I was fortunate to be a student of Granville Martin, one of the last true vaqueros of the old school of thought, not unlike the Dorrance's. I have spent twenty-five years on and off of the mountains of Baja California with the vaqueros who have ridden mules and packed with burros to reach their home on the remote ranches that have no roads. My son and I are currently working on a video to bring this experience into your home.

I have spent hours with many current "clinicians" such as Pat Parelli, Pat Puckett, Leslie Desmond, Jerry Tindell, Jo Walters, Len Rudd, R.E. Smith, Lee Graff, Mike Barrish, Dutch Vanderendorf, Jimmy Flores and many more who will cuss me foe forgetting to mention them. We have shared ideas and philosophies that would solve all the world's problems if they would just listen. I write a monthly column for "Riding" magazine on many subjects and ride weekly with my precious granddaughter.

In 1993 I "invented" a celebration referred to as "Vaquero Days" in honor of our ranching heritage on both sides of the border with the special people who have been a part of that heritage. It is always on the third weekend of October. See for more information.

I continue to learn from all who I have time to visit with and share trails and saddle time. I grew up as a son of a dentist in Westchester, CA, born in Santa Monica, CA and attended high school in Palm Springs, CA. I went to college in Palm Desert, San Diego, CA and Guadalajara, Mexico. I enjoy riding, swimming, surfing, sleeping and a fine glass of water. I serve our creator daily and make every effort to live a life that brings glory to his name. I have raised four kids and have three granddaughters and live on ten acres in the Lake Morena area not far from Tecate, Mexico along the Pacific Crest Trail and enjoy helping all how pass in any way that I can.

Y que le vaya bien.


Clinic Details:

Effective communication with your horse or mule.
Some experience required.


1. Evaluation of ground work for accuracy and effectiveness
2. Riding (walk-trot-lope) both directions and on pattern
3. Giving to the bit
4. Leg yields for body control
5. Picking up the correct lead
6. Correct stops
7. Quick, straight back-ups

ADVANCED HORSEMANSHIP The highest level of Jerryís program.
Only for participants who have taken one or more clinics and are familiar with the program.

ďMy philosophy is simple; it stems from the horse and mule and is then translated for the human.Ē
~ Jerry Tindell ~


Becoming a Great Student
by Jerry Tindell

Horse and Mule Trainer, Oak Hills, CA

Howdy friends and neighbors. Have you ever taken a class to improve your skills or to learn something new and came away wishing you had gotten more out of it? Maybe there were distractions like someone sitting next to you who canít wait to tell you their troubles or their life story. Or even worse, they are telling you how much they know about the subject and are talking over the person you are there to learn from. It is very distracting and very annoying. I know because I have been there.

We take classes and attend clinics because we love our mules; we want to improve our skills, confidence, and courage. Being both a student and a teacher, I have benefitted from both aspects of the learning process. The teacher is there to share their knowledge with the student and has certain expectations for them. The teacher expects them to come to class and be ready to learn, to be an active participant, and to apply what they have learned in the lesson by practicing. The teacher is there to help you succeed. So how can we improve our learning as students? It really falls into three categories: before, during, and after the lesson.

Once you decide you would like to take a class, do some research. Find out about the teacherís style. Is this someone you want to watch, learn, and take advice from? Once you decide to sign up for a class with him or her, find out what will be covered in the class. Is it something that pertains to what interests you? What do you want to get out of the class?

Prepare yourself before you arrive. Leave your problems and worries at home. Come with an open mind; leave your opinions at the barn and expect to learn something new. When you arrive turn off your cell phone or put it on silent. This way it wonít distract you or anyone else. Once the class starts stay focused. If someone is distracting you, move away from them. Itís your time and money, so make an effort to get the most out of it. Apply yourself and become actively involved with 100 percent commitment. Take notes; ask questions and get clarification; ask for help with your specific problems. However, do not ask for advice if you have no intention of taking it. We need to be open minded and be willing to accept what the person might be there to teach us. Take the advice if you like it; if you donít, then leave it alone, but at least give yourself the opportunity to do one or the other. Be open minded, because if you are going to stick with your own opinion it doesnít do any good to show up and ask for someone elseís opinion anyway. So be willing to listen and apply, or to consider those changes that might be necessary.

When you get home review your notes within 24 hours. You might remember more than what you wrote down. Build an outline, create a plan, and use it. Be willing to try something new or be willing to consider changes to make improvements. As I mentioned, Iím a student and I consider myself a great student. Do you know what the difference is between a good student and a great student? A good student is a person that studies during class. A great student is a person that studies in between classes. So become that great student. You will get a lot more out of your lessons and they will have more meaning to you.

I think it motivates the person that you are learning from when the students are more engaged. The next time you are able to go and work with someone be prepared; be attentive and serious; apply yourself and be willing to work toward your goals. Enjoy spending time with your mule, have fun, and donít get a kick out of it.

Jerry Tindell of Tindellís Horse and Mule School is a professional horse and mule trainer. He has been training and shoeing horses and mules since 1971. His unique training abilities help mule owners understand and apply proven techniques to communicate in a soft, safe, and secure manner with their animals. He can be reached at or by phone at 760.403.3922.


Call and reserve your spot today!

If you have never treated yourself to a hands on horse clinic you owe it to yourself and your equine friend to immerse yourself in 3 days of horsemanship.  For just $450 you will receive 3 days of professional hands-on horsemanship training from Jerry Tindell, a horse and mule trainer known throughout the United States and Canada for his unique teaching abilities and horsemanship methods.  To further this wonderful experience the host is providing the below meals free of charge - a $100 value - just for attending and participating !

Share the comradery and meet
enthusiastic equine friends just like yourself

Breakfast (Continental) Saturday - Sunday - Monday
Lunch Saturday - Sunday - Monday
Dinner Saturday - Sunday - Monday

This year give yourself and your equine companion a new years gift and
start building that safe ride and softness in your horse or mule today.

Call today to reserve your place as the clinic is filling quickly !

Canít bring your horse or mule but want to attend anyway?
No Problem contact us for information.

You may also audit this clinic for $ 30.00 (FREE) per day.

Potluck supper Saturday and Sunday evenings

Due to water shortage, $5.00/day facility fee

Please bring your own chair, pack a lunch and beverage.

DO NOT bring your horse if you are only auditing the clinic.

For additional information please contact Kelly - (see below)